People Speak

T.N. Seshan
Member of the Board of Advisors, DRSIS
Former Chief Election Comissioner of India

India is in dire need of educated individuals with a strong national and social conscience. In a society that is driven by retrograde happenings and issues, we need to educate our young people to make correct and moral decisions in their adult life. I feel that all education should be based on the values of patriotism, fearlessness, truth, excellence, ahimsa, and self-sacrifice. This is the ‘great education', one that goes beyond mere text book learning. Along with this, inculcating leadership qualities, self-confidence and wisdom makes a young adult capable of extraordinary deeds. Deeds that can change the social fabric of our country; deeds that can heal long festering wounds; deeds that can make our country stand tall in the community of nations. DRS International School is treading firmly on this hard and challenging road, one that will see the emergence of a new community of individuals with the power to change the world.