North Cluster Teachers Training Workshop was conducted on the 3rd, 4th and 5th May 2016 at EWS Jaipur

In the month of May 2016 contributors of the Edify community of learning witnessed a varied range of training sessions organized to fit their needs and help them transact jobs and responsibilities in real time. The sessions also brought educators in terms with self- development and enlightened them with 21st century skills which will be used throughout their career. The training was conducted in two batches namely North and South Cluster. The sessions were carried out at the campus of Edify World School – Jaipur and at the Katriya Hotel – Hyderabad, respectively. The Edify team received an overwhelming response of about 300 educators for training in both the zones.

The various training sessions included were; introductory curriculum talks on Edify’s proprietary early and primary years program called 3C which is an intersection of structure based content accompanied with various life philosophies and interesting instructional strategies ultimately making a learner a holistic individual, ready for the life challenge. The highlight of the training session was that various departments of Edify schools came together to understand the concept of cross functionality. Sessions were specially designed for conducting events, development/ following of Standard Operating Procedures, boosting enrollments, role of an effective counselor, HR managerial skills, safety, facility/resource management, staff retainment , SEO/SMO, soft skills etc.

Sports education programs were discussed with budding sports teachers of Edify Schools. They were given a view of effective assessment and competition in sports.

The trainers of head office were in agreement with each other on how impactful it is to meet people face to face from a business perspective. Some discovered new potentials of multitasking and others reflected on how time management is the crux of any institution. Trainers agreed they need to be constantly in touch with members of community to ensure learnt concepts are being implemented and like- mindedness is being in developed to attain common vision. Both the participants and the trainers cherished the idea of working together for success.